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  • Ludivine Achouri

    Ludivine Achouri

    Passionate Web Developer

  • Nabendu Biswas

    Nabendu Biswas

    Founder TWD, JavaScript & ReactJS Trainer, Youtuber, Blogger

  • GajiGesa Groovers 🤩

    GajiGesa Groovers 🤩

    This is our journey in building a platform for everyone’s financial security. Read our team’s journals here. (With love, GajiGesa Groovy Hustlers 🥰)

  • Abhijeet Jadhav

    Abhijeet Jadhav

  • Saed Hussain

    Saed Hussain

    Data Scientist. PhD in Applied AI. Technologist. Student of Life. Documenting my Thoughts. LinkedIn:

  • Nikola Đuza

    Nikola Đuza

    Nikola helps developers improve their productivity by sharing pragmatic advice & applicable knowledge on JavaScript and Ruby. 🍍

  • Özer Öztürk

    Özer Öztürk

    Self-taught Frontend Developer

  • Hagen Schendel

    Hagen Schendel

    software developer & consultant

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